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Spam origin Locator Tool

This spammer's origin locator service is provided for FREE by Geobytes, inc to assist you in locating the geographical location that an email originated from. (You can also use it to determine the geographic location of senders of legitimate email as well.)  Click here to  checkout our other FREE IP MAP localization services, including our famous IP Locator.

The following reverse email address look up tool is actually an advertisment for a sponsor, but it does provide some basic information for free, and is a lot easier to use then any alternatives that we have seen.

Find Who Owns' An Email Address

Email Address:

The following results were generated using GeoSelect version II - another great Geobytes product.

Copy and Paste the email headers of the message (Spam) that you wish to locate here:



Note: We respect your privacy. We will not disclose any e-mail addresses that may be contained in the headers that you post to anyone, nor will we pass on 3rd party messages to these addresses.

Message Path

The following table contains a list of the hosts that the message traversed to reach you. Please only use this list as a guide as the message headers may have been forged. In which case the forged addresses will appear at the top of the list. Note: The list reads top down in the direction that the message traveled.

FlagLocationCountryRegionCodeCityTime ZoneMap ReferenceIP Address

United Kingdom Flag

UKENLONDUnited KingdomEnglandENLondon+00:00Europe

Note: The last location in the above table was based on your current IP Address as the message headers do not contain the IP Address of the recipient.

Message Origin:

Country Code Country
Distance to Nearby Cities
km, mi, City, Region, Country
Region Code Region

City Code City
CityId Certainty
Latitude Longitude
Capital City TimeZone
Nationality Singular Population
Nationality Plural Is proxy
CIA Map Reference Currency
MapBytes Remaining Currency Code
Flag Check out Geobytes other products including:
GeoSelect, GeoNetMap, GeoReport,
GeoPhrase, GeoLyzer, GeoRemote,
GeoDirection, MapBytes
Search WHOIS data at: RIPE
Click here for a description of each of the above fields.

Click here to view a map of the region.

Much of the above 'country' information was sourced from the CIA World Fact Book at   

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