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Welcome to our New York Page.

Geobytes provides an ever increasing range of dynamic, powerful, integrated, scaleable, robust, knick knackable .... mostly free services for our New York visitors.  (Yes, the city name above is dynamic, but you can have your own New York page that really is only displayed to visitors from New York - see more on our FREE GeoDirection service below.)
If you would rather have seen your page here, then email us and get 10,000 visitors a day to your page for only 1c each.

Geobytes' Mostly Free Stuff

    Spam Locator Click Here

An online tool to assist Internet users locate the geographical location an e-mail originated from. Just paste the header into the Spam Locator and the origin location is returned including a list of the hosts that the message traversed to reach you.

    IP Locator Click Here

An online tool to assist Internet users locate the geographical location of an IP Address. Just enter the IP address and the Geographic location is returned.  Great tool for Fraud Prevention.

Remove the advertisement from your GeoPhrase
Using GeoBytes' latest offering "Mapbytes" you can now remove the advertisement from your GeoPhrase, GeoFlag or GeoDirection

Pricing starts from just $9.95 for 10,000 requests.

See the FAQ page for more details.
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In a Hurry - see an Overview of all that Geobytes offers.
Find out more on Geobytes Products and Services.
GeoReport - Geographical web site traffic analysis - drill down graphs.
GeoSelect - Geographically customize your web site with GeoSelect
GeoNetMap - GeoSelect's IP address to geographical location database
See our Pricing for our paid services.
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    Email Address Encoder Click Here

"Character Reference" encode the email addresses on your website to make it more difficult for spam bots to harvest them. 

    City Distance Tool Click Here

Calculate the distance between two cities using this simple online calculator. 

   GeoDirection  Click Here

GeoDirection dynamically redirects a web surfer based on their geographic location. For example, you could dynamically direct your site visitors from New York to your own New York page. Just paste the following code in to the <head> section of your home page.

<script language="Javascript"

   GeoFlag Click Here

No sign ups, no registration. Just paste this code to display a free GeoFlag on your webpage.

<script language="Javascript"

   GeoPhrase  Click Here

GeoPhrase inserts geographically customized messages onto web pages. We have many pre-made GeoPhrases to choose from, and you do not need to register to use any of our pre-made GeoPhrases. This is what our default greeting looks like:

  Click Here to download.

GeoWorldMap is a database that contains the cities of the world with their country, region, latitude, longitude and more.

Latest Version:

GeoWorldMap Integration Guide
HowTo: Install on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP)

Register for our FREE advanced GeoPhrase Service, and create you own custom GeoPhrases

To create your own phrases just enter your email address below.

A password to enable you to login in to our client services center will be emailed to you.  You will need to use this password, together with your email address to login.  You are under no obligation to purchase anything or to provide us with any further details.

Please note: We will at no stage, under any circumstances, give out your e-mail address to anyone, or forward messages to you on behalf of anyone else.  

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