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Find out what city your site visitors are from?

GeoReport (was geobutton reports) provides you with an easy to understand and use report detailing which city, region and country each visitor to your site comes from. Your reports are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the results being recorded in real time. 

GeoReport in no way impacts on your site design or it's look and feel. There is no learning curve to get GeoReport going. To setup GeoReport all you need to do is install a 1x1 clear gif on to the page for which you wish to receive reports.  

 Click here to see a sample report
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Dynamically insert references to your visitor's city in your web pages?

The references to Houston were dynamically inserted on this web page in real time.  You too can add geographically customized greetings and phrases to your web pages - we call this service GeoPhrase. 

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Click Here to create your own geophrase

Manage your MapBytes Resolutions

Listed below is a current summary of your MapBytes resolutions. 
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Resolutions Remaining GeoPhrase Resolutions GeoDirection Resolutions GeoProxy Resolutions Ip Locator Resolutions Established
14600000Sep 15 2008

Edit your User details?

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