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GeoPhrase - Dynamically insert customized greetings on your page for FREE

GeoPhrase allows you to dynamically insert customized welcome messages on to your page. You can either design your own phrase or use one of our defaults.  Note: There is no need to install any special software on your web server.

This is what our default greeting looks like:

No sign ups, no registration.
Our basic service requires no sign up or registration - just cut and paste this very small piece of code onto your home page.

<script language="Javascript" src="http://map.geoup.com/geoup?template=welcome"></script>

The default greeting is "Special welcome to our visitors from ........." 
However, we have lots of other templates to choose from. 

It gets better. . .
Register for our advanced service, which is also FREE and create your own templates. You can use our advanced service to create your own phrases, paragraphs and even whole pages based on the geographical location of your site's visitors. As we said, the advanced service is still FREE, but you will need to register to use it. We need you to register so that our system can recognize you and allow you to modify your template in the future. This also protects your template, by allowing us to restrict access to your template to only yourself.

How can this service be FREE?

We are happy to provide this service for free to the web community, all we ask in exchange is a small amount of advertising.

What happened to the GeoPhrase hyperlink to Geobytes?

The FREE GeoPhrase service no longer hyperlinks to Geobytes. Instead, for approximately every 1 in 50 GeoPhrase requests served the current browser window will be directed to the Geobytes site or that of a sponsor. Simultaneously a new window will be opened for the original, intended content. We use the IP Address of the browser to ensure that this does not happen to the same person twice in the same day.

If you wish to remove this ad, then that can be easily done by purchasing some Mapbytes resolutions. These Mapbytes will allow you to enter the url of the site on which you use GeoPhrase, GeoFlag or GeoDirection. Any requests from this url will be allowed access and will not have any ads served. Mapbytes start from $9.95 for 10,000 resolutions. See the Buy page to purchase Mapbytes or see the FAQ page for more details.

More geophrase Templates  

The default template ...

      <script language="Javascript" src="http://map.geoup.com/geoup"></script>

generates the greeting -  
    "Special welcome to our visitors from <%city%>, <%country%>."
where <%city%> is the visitors City, and <%country%> is their Country.

Here are some more templates in the table below. The first line is just an example of what the template on the second line produces.  You only need to copy the second line to your page. - ie the <script ... script> bit. Remember you can also create your own phrases - see below for more details.

Register for our advanced GeoPhrase Service

To register just enter your email address here.  It's that easy!

e-mail address:

A password to enable you to login in to our client services center will be emailed to you.  You will need to use this password, together with your email address to login.  You are under no obligation to purchase anything or to provide us with any further details.

Please note: We will at no stage, under any circumstances, give out your e-mail address to anyone, or forward messages to you on behalf of anyone.  

General phrases


Select Template

Select Template

Select Template

Special welcome to our visitors from <%city%>, <%country%>.

Select Template

We also deliver to great places like - <%city%>, <%country%>.

Select Template

Welcome to the folk from great places like - <%city%>, <%country%>.

Select Template

Hello to all the folks in <%city%>, <%country%>

Select Template

<%city%>, <%country%> - what a great place.

Select Template

Hello to the people visiting this site from <%city%>, <%country%>

Select Template

Question: - Do you know what Country <%city%> is in?
Answer:- <%country%>

Select Template

A warm welcome to my visitors from <%city%>

Select Template

Thanks for visiting my site, I hope you have a great day in <%city%>

Select Template

So, whats the weather like in <%city%>, <%country%> today?

Select Template

We like to look after our customers from <%city%>, <%country%>

Select Template

Welcome to our web site. I see we have a visitor from <%city%>, <%country%>

Select Template

I see we have a visitor from <%city%>, <%country%> today. Welcome, we hope you enjoy your visit and have a great day.

Select Template

Welcome to my visitors from <%region%>

Select Template

Christmas phrases

Happy Holidays to all our visitors from <%city%>, <%country%>.

Select Template
We wish all the folks from <%city%>, <%country%> a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Select Template
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year  <%city%>, <%country%>.

Select Template
Happy New Year <%city%>, <%country%>. Have a great one!

Select Template
We hope you have a great Christmas in <%city%>, <%country%>.

Select Template

How do I get started?

To start creating your own GeoPhrase you just need to register for our service. Alternatively, you can just use cut & Paste one of the above templates to your page. 


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Insert customized greetings onto your page - quickly and easily.
Create your own customized greeting or use one of our default greetings.
No registration required to use one of our default greetings.
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