Our standard GeoNetMap subscription allows you to install our map database on your machine. This configuration facilitates direct access to our map database via your own RDMS such as MySql or MS SQL Server.  There is no need for co-located or dedicated geo-servers or third party API’s.

Geobytes’ GeoNetMap Subscription Service provides full access to our IP address to location database.

The Geobytes map is distributed as a set of eight text files. Each file contains the information necessary to populate one table in the relational database management system. When downloaded from Geobytes, the map data is delivered as two separate zip files. One zip file contains seven of the files; these files are relatively small and change more frequently than the other single file. The following table summarizes the distribution of data across the source files.

CountriesJun 01, 2011275
RegionsJun 01, 20113953
CitiesSep 10, 201439451
DmasJun 01, 2011211
SubnetsSep 23, 20146571717
NBCJul 20, 20143365270

The technology behind this has been developed by geobytes and is not dependent upon any information provided by your site visitor. It does not use cookies, DNS look ups or WHOIS data.

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