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City Distance Tool 

This City Distance Calculator service is provided for FREE by Geobytes, inc to assist you in determining the distance between two cities - with over 36,000 Cities to choose from.  Click here to  checkout our other FREE services.

Moving to another city? - then click here to try our City to City Moving Estimator.

The distance between and

Next time, why not try our new "one step" city distance calculator?

The distance:
Distance in miles: Direction to Destination:
Distance in kilometers: Bearing in degrees to Destination:
Link to these results:

Please note: The distance is calculated "as the crow flies". It uses the latitude and longitude of the cities to calculate the distance, so this may vary from the driving distances.

If you wish to lookup other cities, then you can use the form below.

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Would you like to know more about Bangalore, Karnataka, India - where to stay, what to see, weather, movies, TV, news, fuel prices, coupons etc, then try entering one of these keywords here.

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Hint: You can also use it to research people, companies, local services, tours etc


Step 1:  Enter Cities

Welcome to the Geobytes City Distance Tool
This wizard will tell you the distance between 2 cities.

Please enter your origin city.

Please enter your destination city.

There is no need to enter  the state or country, it will ask you if it needs it. Thanks

Don't worry if the name of the city that you enter matches more than one of the world's cities, as you will get to choose the correct one from a list.



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