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Distance from Birmingham, AL, United States to Manchester, EN, United Kingdom is 6747km / 4192mi.
Distance from Toronto, ON, Canada to Istanbul, IB, Turkey is 8200km / 5095mi.
Distance from Berlin, BE, Germany to Buenos Aires, DF, Argentina is 11925km / 7409mi.
Distance from Stanford, CA, United States to Austin, TX, United States is 2379km / 1478mi.
Distance from Upland, CA, United States to Tacoma, WA, United States is 1513km / 940mi.
Distance from Metz, LO, France to San Sebastian, PV, Spain is 1368km / 850mi.
Distance from Jackson, NJ, United States to Hazlet, NJ, United States is 38km / 23mi.
Distance from Barcelona, CT, Spain to sialkot, PB, Pakistan is 6324km / 3929mi.
Distance from Dallas, TX, United States to Laredo, TX, United States is 634km / 393mi.
Distance from Singapore, SG, Singapore to Bogota, DC, Colombia is 19336km / 12014mi.
Distance from Miami, FL, United States to Toronto, ON, Canada is 1993km / 1238mi.
Distance from Park City, UT, United States to Gillette, WY, United States is 617km / 383mi.
Distance from Forest Park, GA, United States to Griffin, GA, United States is 41km / 25mi.
Distance from Great Falls, MT, United States to Lompoc, CA, United States is 1619km / 1005mi.
Distance from Jakarta, JK, Indonesia to Medan, SU, Indonesia is 1412km / 877mi.

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